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An example of to feign is to seem like you’ re sick to get out of going to school. pretend to be affected by ( a feeling, state, or injury) : " she feigned nervousness" similar simulatefakeshamaffectgive the appearance ofmake a show ofmake a pretense ofplay atgo through the motions ofinformal: put onpretendput it onfakeshambluffposeposturemasquerademake believeactplayactgo through the motionsput on a false displaymalingerinformal: kidmess▪ invent ( a story or excuse). " there are no such. ” feigned emotions aren’ t real, and therefore, they are a bit dishonest. synonyms: act, affect, assume. ▪ indulge in pretense. what does the name feign mean? to give a false appearance of: feign sleep.

- to dissemble; to conceal. find the right word. word altı kırmızı çizgi kaldırma. the word feigned, pronounce “ faynd, ” comes from the old french word feign, which means “ pretend, imitate, shirk. senses in middle english ( taken from latin) included ‘ make something’, ‘ invent a story, excuse, or allegation’, hence ‘ make a pretense of a feeling or response’. games & quizzes thesaurus word of the day features; shop. feigned is an adjective that means “ not genuine, ” like your feigned interest in your friends’ discussion of celebrity hairstyle trends. how to pronounce feign? scrabble points: 9. to feign is defined as to make up a story or act in a way that you don' t feel. more definitions, origin and scrabble points.

to represent falsely; pretend to: feign authorship of a novel. compare with fiction and figment. what is the definition of feign? - to represent by a false appearance of; to pretend; to counterfeit; as, to feign a sickness. powered by oxford dictionaries. you use your role at night to win and send a person from the village in the feign morning.

feign: to present a false appearance of. what do people mean by ' feign'? to give a mental existence to, as to something not real or actual; to imagine; to invent; hence, to pretend; to form and relate as if true. feigned, feign· ing, feigns v. uwe seeler. insane is a unique role of feign; insane is an innocent role however it is dangerous for the innocents. word origin middle english: from old french feign-, stem of feindre, from latin fingere ‘ mold, contrive’.

feign: [ verb] to give a false appearance of : induce as a false impression. to assert as if true : pretend. pronunciation of feign client with 1 audio pronunciations 0 rating rating ratings record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. feign is a role- playing game with maximum 12 players that takes place in a small town where innocents, imposters and neutrals together.

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